The Red Rock trails at Learnie

Red Rock features 16 kilometres of trails for all skill levels, combined with some of the best views from any mountain bike trails, anywhere!

There are green-, blue-, and black-graded trails, with a bike park and a dirt jump area, both graded orange. Even the green-grade single track is not ‘billiard-table’ smooth – it gives a sufficient challenge for those wanting more than just forest road mountain biking. See the Forestry Commission website for more details.

Mountain Biking at site of “Strathpuffer”

The forestry trails around Contin – close to Loch Achilty — are the site of the epic Strathpuffer. If you’re a mountain biker then you’ll be delighted to give these trails a go! Free to use year-round.


There’s good reason that 2017 saw the European Single-Speed Championships held on the trails above Evanton, only 4 miles from Highland Farm Cottages. The Fyrish Monument gave the perfect backdrop for the superb riding that was enjoyed over this two-day event. Why not try your hand at a few of the trails? You’ll be rewarded with spectacular views – unseen by most – and have the chance to get up close to the deer that roam those hills year-round.